Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's been a while

Not that I've got out of gaming, although it did get toned down in favor of more adult entertainment for a while, just that all my posts ended up over at MWC.  I guess I should copy them back here too at some point.  Actually had plenty going on still, just at a slower pace. 
For 40K I've ended up with 2 new armies.  Both only 1250 kind of size but still something to play with.  I've added Tau, which comprise pretty much 100% of FLGS consignment case, swap meet and ebay purchases.  And, I've added Sisters which I got from a friend who was thoroughly pissed off with them and was going to chuck them.  My Warmachine stuff has been slowly building and we've had some fun games of that.  And, recently I added Dust Tactics/Warfare as a quick to play alternative.  Anyway, over at MWC we were going to add galleries of the various folks armies.  I figured I'd show some quick stuff here first.

Lets start with Dust Tactics.  For one it is a fun, easy, quick (less than an hour per game) board game.  Cheap as the revised core set can be enough if you just want to play at home.  Cheap still as the models are less detailed and lower quality than GW.  That's not to say they don't still look great, just that they suffer from Forge World barrels pretty badly.  Still, $20 for a medium walker that is twice the size of a GW dreadnought that itself costs more than twice the amount.

One thing, its a board game with pre-assembled, pre-primed pieces.  I decided I wanted to paint them quickly, way quicker then GW stuff.  For all these I did partial base coats to add some color, but left them predominantly their base color.  Then a dark wash (specifically the new GW Nuln Oil which I wasn't impressed with to be honest) and a light dry brush and game over.  Going to throw some weathering powders on the bases too, but all quick and effective.

Now to find the original core boxed set at a decent price.  :)

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