Monday, June 28, 2010


 Those marines all need something to get them around.  Here we have a land raider crusader and a couple of razor backs.  All pretty much finished, but they need some detail work.  I also still need to get all Secret Weapon on the tracks.

Steel Coffin

And of course a couple of dreds.  The one on the left was 100% painted by Fletcher.  He used mine as a model and I helped suggest what to do, but it was all his work.  The one on the right has a TL heavy flamer just to be a bit different.

Rank and File

Going down the list we have a Vanguard squad, 2 Sternguard squads, 2 Tactical Squads (the first is the standard Black Reach one), and a Terminator squad.  Happy with all these although I keep seeing things to fix.  Fletcher helped with the two tactical squads so he has some of his own handy work in there.

Ultramarines HQ

I thought I'd post a bunch of photos to show progress on the various bits and pieces I'm painting.  My Guard are complete but I don't have many off them.  Fletcher's Marines are coming along nicely, probably 3/4 done.  Morgan's Orks have a way to go mainly because there are a lot of them and they are time consuming to paint.

So here is a techmarine and a captain.  Both need a little bit of touch up work.  From looking at these photos I'm seeing that most of my stuff is a good tabletop standard, but needs some extra effort to really make it stellar.

Rock out loud

Couldn't tell you when I got these, but it appears GW still make them. And look at those nasty unfinished bases.  These things are begging for some kind of nice diorama base.  Guess I need to wait for Mr Justin to release something in the Ork rock concert line.

Oh, bonus points for knowing the album that inspired that leather jacket.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Had this miniature sitting around for a while.  A really long while.  I de-painted it a little while back and its been sitting there, staring at me, saying 'hey, I'm a gray knight terminator, I'm awesome, paint me.'  Well then I found the missing great sword (had been borrowed by an epic scale titan) so I finally got around to putting the guy back together.  I wanted to mess around a bit painting, try something different.  I went with a blue wash as a base coat, added a couple of shades of gray, added the detail, hit it with a paynes gray wash and left it at that.  Some of the silver you can see is actually unpainted metal.  Works better IRL than it does in the photo.  :)  Stuck it on to a SW base and its done.  Happy with it, although it will only ever be a display piece, or something for the kids to use in the massive, free form battles they have.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Dang it, my painting light shines no more.  Bulb seems OK, it just won't turn on.  Need an alternative solution, plenty of lights around the house so one will do.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Took the kids over the the FLGS for a game of 40K today.  About 1150 points each, I made sure they had their favorite vehicles and we were able to use about the nicest table there.  Made it through 3 turns with help from the guys on the next table when I needed some rules explained.  Morgan started getting a bit bored and decided to make up a mini battle on the next door table with the casualties.  Fletcher and I made it another turn, but then we decided it was time to head back home.

Next time I need to stick to something smaller and a little easier to manage while I'm still figuring things out.  Oh, and I need to remember a tape measure.  I remembered my camera but completely forgot to take any photos.  Ah well.


Just posted all my epic stuff over on DakkaDakka as a few folks there were interested.  I'll probably start feeding it to ebay as well as some of it seems to get decent prices.  I asked $625 for everything.  Someone out there must have money burning a hole in their pocket.  :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010


And of course the other thing with being a kid is you don't need rules to have fun playing with the minis.


The reason that I'm back painting, and trying to learn the new 40k rules is that my kids have got excited by it.  Figured I'd post a shot of them all excited and working hard on their miniatures as I doubt I would have been painting again if it wasn't for them.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Is it possible to listen to the 1812 overture without finding yourself conducting part way through?


I had a bunch of Warhammer Fantasy Battle stuff that I'd sent to the consignment case at the FLGS.  It included approximately 50 wood elves of various kinds, and that's almost an army.  Just add some Glade Riders for cavalry, some dryads for close combat.  And, WHFB 8th edition is due out soon.  So, change of heart, the elves were rescued and are being depainted.  I'll add them to the vast pile of stuff to paint so that maybe by the time 8th comes out I'll have a small wood elf army to join the fun with.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Pretty much all my old 40K space marines were cursed to a pit of simple green.  They have emerged like transformers that haven't seen a car yet, awaiting a new shape.  Something like that anyway.  I was about done when I realized I'd hit delete on something I'd sunk a lot of time and energy into back in the day (20 odd years ago) so I took a few photos of the last ones before the paint came off.  Not because they are amazing works of art.  They aren't even that good, and you can see some never even got finished.  Just because I wanted some kind of record of them. 

That last dude was one of the last I painted before I quit if I remember right.  He survived being simple greened.  For now at least.


As well as all the 40k stuff here I had a metric assload of Epic (5mm scale) stuff.  People are interested in buying it.  So, do I sell it?  I played that game so much at university, be nice to play it aside from the fact there is nobody else with an army.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I'm enjoying having a blog.  It's like a face book wall, but only 3 people read it.  Well 4 if you count me.  Next I need to work on justification for boobs to be one of my labels.


Popped over to the FLGS today to use my store credit.  Was going to pick up Sticks and Stone for the Mrs.  Didn't have it.  Then was going to get a couple of minis the kids wanted.  Sgt Telion was missing in action.  Well i thoughted, I can get me some stuff then.  Cadian command squad, and Cadian canon fodder squad (not sure that is what they are called).  Get home and discover I'm out of plastic glue and switch to SUPERGLUE.  So I did get stuff glued together, but stuff includes my fingers which now have a hard coating on them.  Wine helps though.