Thursday, May 24, 2012

The 40 thousandth war hammer

On to the big game.  The one I've been collecting for a little while.  25 years according to the anniversary boxed set.  :)

This is the game I've slowed down on the most.  Still picking up stuff but just to fill out a few missing corners, or because I've found something really interesting at a swap meet.   And I have found all kinds of interesting things.  My kids also have involvement here as my youngest has Orks and my eldest took over my old space marine minis.

 And here we have some Grey Knights.  I was into them before they were cool though.  Kind of.  I had 1 squad and a few terminators.   I've loved working on the modelling aspects of these guys and so there is a lot of kit bashing and minor conversion at work here.  There is about 2500 of legally fieldable stuff here.  More points, but you know, not sure anyone would like 6 HQs showing up.
 This was the army I put together when I got back into the hobby.  I loved putting them together, relearning/remembering painting and seeing an assembled force.  Unfortunately I haven't had much chance to play them and as I can put almost 3000 points on the table I really should try.
 As I mentioned, I kind of inherited the Sisters.  Not done anything with them but I will.  Eventually.  They can put 1250 on the table with this set up.
 The Tau are an oddity.  Some random bits, kids allowance purchases and such.  My eldest really likes them so I'm trying to use them as something he can learn to paint on.  Only really 1000 points of playability here but should be a nice looking army.
The old boys.  There are a couple of minis in here that came out before Rogue Trader. I'm looking at you Heavy Laser Marine.  Lots of points, but mainly in troopage.  I made the mistake of getting rid of most of my vehicles a long time ago.  :(  Sad as a couple of old school Land Raiders would look just peachy.

And last, a metic assload of Orks.  And yes, that is a looted baneblade.  And a looted tyranid, and looted imperial stuff there.  Orks are ace for modelling.  I'd actually like to try an pull together a small (1,000 points) list that is all grots on nids.  It would be awesome.

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  1. Awesome collection! Especially like the old marines and the Ork horde!