Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grey Knights First Arrivals

Of course with the Grey Knights being an elite codex this is probably 2,000 points worth.  An old, early mark of terminator armor.  Storm bolter and power fist.  Hope it fits, cool model.  A GK librarian with force sword, a GK terminator with psycannon and force sword, 3 skull servitors, and 10 acolytes.  And the acolytes have Oni masks to scare off daemons.  Appropriate huh.

Them Orks will loot anything

Last Monday there was a bounty of bitz in the bitz bins at the FLGS.  As well as a bunch of gratefully purchased IG legs there was this little termagant (termagaunt?).  Well I don't have a tyranid army, but my youngest son has a looty Ork army.  So here we have it, probably to use as a 'counts as' nob due to the size of it.  The Looted Termagant.  May have to actually buy some more and make a whole squad.