Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rage against the warmachine

Still accumulating and playing every couple of weeks.  Be more once I've got a table set up at home.  Anyway, 4 armies going on here.  My youngest son has Khador, my eldest son has Menoth, I have Mercenaries, and we have Cygnar hanging around as everyone seemed to want to sell theirs so they were really cheap (like 2 heavies and a caster for $20 being the first purchase).
Had fun with the game, good to play although the only person I regularly play is Menoth so frequently similar.  I like the rules set, the only complaint being that you almost seem to have to learn every forces cards if you want to ever be good.
Painting wise, I'm almost done with Khador, coming along well with Mercs, a bit further out with Menoth and ways away with Cygnar.  Still, Warmachine is getting the majority of my painting time so things are moving nicely along.

Here we have about 45 points of Khador.  Only ever used little bits of it though and on a table that is way too small.  Just pScorscha for a caster, the starter jacks plus a heavy I magnetized to run as anything.  Best thing is all I need to finish is the winterguard and one solo and these guys are done.

Here we have about 50 points of Menoth. Again, the starter set so pKreoss but with an extra magnetized heavy, the Avatar and a couple of troop units.  Lots of work needed here.

 A somewhat ridiculous 85 points of Cygnar.  Didn't spend much on any of this so I'll probably paint it to a reasonable standard and sell it on.  I was going to run Cygnar but ended up preferring Mercs.

 The larger half of my Mercs for Highborne or Four Star.  Close to done painting these guys which feels good.  Just a bit of work on bases, Eiryss, and the new (magnetized) heavy and these boys are done.
And lastly some Searforge which I'm enjoying.  Still got a way to go with these guys, none are completely finished yet but a lot are getting close.

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