Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sternguard WIP

Haven't done any work in progress stuff so I thought I'd start one.  I picked up a space marine combat squad for dirt cheap on ebay (less than half the GW price).  The ultramarine army I've been building and painting for Fletch has 2 sternguard squads, but both are 5 man.  I'd like them to be 10-man squads.  Plus, I really like the model making.  Anyway, this combat squad, plus a few bits were going to become 5 bolter armed sternguard.  I really don't like the standard GW pose for SM, so one thing I was going to be working on was avoiding that.
So here they are assembled.  First from the left I cut the wrists and shoulders to allow me to bring the gun up into a more aimed pose.  The gun I modded to become a combi-flamer with a box magazine.  Second guy has the normal GW pose, but again the gun was modded to be a combi-flamer with a box magazine.  Middle guy has a firing pose, gun is modded to be a combi-plasma with a belt magazine.  Looks really cool, I'll do that again.  The last two I cut up some other marine arms to avoid the across the chest pose.  First has grenades in his other hand, second has a bolt gun and bolt pistol.  I'm really happy with how these came out.  They are now all gray primered.  I'll get another few shots as they go through the painting process.

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