Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cadian 42nd

I seem to spend most of my time painting stuff for or with my kids, but I do have my own slowly expanding army too.  It's now made it to a legal formation, and just over 1000 points.  Badly unbalanced, but what the hell, its there, and 6 months ago 80% of it didn't exist yet.  Currently it consists of:
HQ: Lord Commissar
Characters:  Guardsman Marbro (comped by a Rogue Trooper figure)
Elites:  Snipers (ratlings), Psyker Battle Squad
Troops: PCS, 2 Infantry squads with AC heavy weapons, Special Weapons squad (grenade launchers), and a Penal Legion
Dedicated Transports: 2 Chimeras, one standard and one upgraded (turret flamer, armor, dozer)
Fast Attack: Scout Sentinel, Armored Sentinel with plasma cannon, Vendetta
Heavy Support: Leman Russ Battle Tank

The PCS with attached commissar.  As you can see I went for pretty standard Cadian colors.
A couple of sergeants and special weapons troops as another example of my unit colors.

A penal legion squad, made of some really cool OOP Necromunda minis with a lot of custom weapons.

And a Psyker Battle Squad.  Again, OOP Necromunda mini.  I figured a bunch of bald guys with scars on their heads would work for psykers.

Lastly, a shot of my scout sentinel as an example of my vehicle colors.  Really pleased with this one, it came out great.  Weapons are all magnetized so they can be swapped around as needed.

So there you go.  Hopefully they will see some action soon, rather than just being the fodder for my kids when the have huge, and rule free, battles.  :)

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