Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sternguard WIP 2

Yeah OK, probably should have shown more stages of the work.  These were my standard work flow and I'm happy with them now they are done.  The conversions (all have at least a mild conversion) were the most fun part.  After that they were primed gray, then flat coated Mordian Blue, white and black.  The blue was then layered with ultramarine blue, and I started adding the details.  Mithril silver drybrush on weapons, still my favorite way, and picking out all the other bits like the seals, skulls and such.  Once detail was complete they all got a Payne's Gray wash, and then a deneb stone drybrush (I like my armor dirty looking).

All that is missing is some grass tufts on the base, and chapter markings.  Good enough for now though.

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