Saturday, September 4, 2010

Reaper Minis

I picked up a few Reaper Chronoscope minis as I'd been checking out their line for a while.  I'd never bought any because, hey, GAMES WORKSHOP FOREVAR.  Seeing them though, makes me think GW has a lot in common with Apple.  Their product is no better than anyone elses, frequently limited, and often has weaknesses you can avoid elsewhere.  They just rely on marketing and customer herd mentality to ignore that.

So I look at these guys.  They need next to no clean up, I've only seen some really minor flash.  The mold lines are next to non-existent.  The have just as much character as the GW minis and more than some.  And, they were $3.  The absolute cheapest you can get a metal GW mini for is $5 and that is in a set of nearly identical figures.  Most of the individual minis are $10.75 and up to $17 for the slightly larger ones.  Compared to a better cast $3 mini?  Damn.

The woman on the left is going to be added to my IG snipers, the woman in the middle is going on a cool looking display base, and the guy on the right is going to be an officer (possibly a commissar) in my IG army.  Yeah yeah, I know you can't use non GW stuff in a tournament.  Thing is while I like the games I'm more in it for the modeling side.  I have more fun there making them than playing with them.

Oh and these came from Miniature Market who'd I'd definitely recommend and will use again.  Good prices, quick shipping, very well packed.

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