Saturday, May 29, 2010

Painting Projects 2

For me though, I'm going to slowly work on an IG army as its what I used to play at Epic Scale.  Not got much yet, and no plans to rush into it, got too much other stuff first.  My old minis have provided a penal legion squad, psyker battle squad, and a couple of 'counts as' special characters.  Then I've got a couple of sentinels, the vendetta, and about 20 guardsmen.  Just enough for a legal force, although a pretty small and unbalanced one.  For the guardsmen I've been experimenting more with washes.  I remember liking the old GW washes, but not the range of colors.  Then I discovered Payne's Gray.  It's a blue gray that is perfect for shadows.  So flat coat the guardsmen, bit of dry brush, and drown them in Payne's Gray wash.  Put a unit out on the table and they look really good.

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