Saturday, April 30, 2011

1000 Point Grey Knight List

As its the army I'm working on and did well in its first outing I thought I'd share the list and the thoughts behind it.  One key limit though, I really don't own much Grey Knight stuff.  I'll mention after the list the other options I currently have.

HQ - Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, Daemon Hammer, Artificer Armor, 3 skull probes - 64 Points
Elite - Paladin - just basic, no upgrades - 55 points
Troops - Strike Squad - 5 Man - Justicar with Daemon Hammer, Knight with Psycannon - 120 points
Strike Squad - 5 Man - Justicar, Knight with Psycannon - 110 points
Fast - Interceptor Squad - 5 Man - Justicar with halberd.  Knight with Incinertor and 3 Knights with pairs of falchions - 185 points
Interceptor Squad - 5 Man - Justicar, Psycannon, 4 halberds - 160 points
Heavy - Dreadknight - With Heavy Incinerator and Nemesis Daemon Hammer - 170 points
Dreadnought - 2x TL autocannon with psybolt ammo - 135 points

22 Troops, 1 vehicle, 1 badass.

With only 1000 points and expensive troops I had to save where I could.  A cheap HQ seemed like a good start, and would tag along with the second strike squad, thereby providing them a hammer.  The Paladin was destined to deep strike.  The plan for him was to arrive in enemy lines and give them something to think about, or if that was not needed, just drop near a skull probe where he'd be nice and safe.  The strike squads would depend on the mission, but likely something I'd need to be careful with if objectives were an issue.  Consequently these were balanced by the interceptors who were going to be the first attack wave.  The dreadknight is there as an effective "hey everyone, shoot at me not the soft guys" as well as a way of causing panic if he hits the enemy lines.  The heavy inferno cannon was great, it really did some good damage.  And lastly, the dreadnought was the firepower.  Risky having just one, as if he dropped it would leave me with just 3 psycannons to deal with vehicles.  With fortitude though, it was hard to drop him.

A scarily small force when you put it next to the millions of bodies and tanks that are IG.  It did its job well though.  As options I could have also run the OM IQ as Coteaz and replaced the strike squads with chimeras full of acolytes with various guns.  I could also have replaced the paladin with a foot acolyte squad to leave parked on a home objective or sit in cover.  The Dreadknight also has all its weapon options.  I like the incinerator (burninator) but will try the psycannon, and even probably the gatling psilencer, to see who they run.  I'd also like the sword, but it was too much for a 1000 point list.

Oh yeah, and we played Falchions as giving +1 attacks.  Really, anyone who reads the Falchion description in the codex and takes that to mean they give +2 attacks is a real WAAC arsehole who will probably sell their Grey Knights once the FAQ comes out.


  1. librarian - 165


    termies - 250
    2 x psycannons

    6x strike squad - 120
    6x strike squad - 165
    6x strike squad - 165

    Dred - 135
    twin link autocannon
    twin link autocannon

  2. regular terminators can only have 1 psycannon for every 5 models

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  5. Thank you for your kind word! I hope to see you more here