Tuesday, August 3, 2010

IG backpacks WIP

I've been wanting to add a veteran squad to my IG army, but wanted to custom build it.  I picked up some Catachan heads, a pack of meltas, had a bunch of left over SM scout shotguns, and got a pack of Secret Weapon backpacks.  I started putting some if this together tonight just to see how easy it would be.  The Catachan heads don't fit on Cadian bodies very well.  The meltas are a pain in the ass to get positioned.  The shotguns are easier but still some work.  The backpacks though, they went on perfect.  Slipped in nice and snug and tight with everything lining up perfectly (that's what she said).  Really, couldn't ask for more on these.  Well aside from if they'd come out 6 months ago I think all my guard would have them, they look great.

Lastly a quick WIP of another command squad.  Still need to clean them up a little before I prime them.  These are going to get mixed in with the existing stuff so I'll have an all plasma CCS (they also get the medic), an all flamer PCS (with the plasma pistol/power sword officer) and the melta dude goes to an infantry squad.

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