Saturday, June 26, 2010


Had this miniature sitting around for a while.  A really long while.  I de-painted it a little while back and its been sitting there, staring at me, saying 'hey, I'm a gray knight terminator, I'm awesome, paint me.'  Well then I found the missing great sword (had been borrowed by an epic scale titan) so I finally got around to putting the guy back together.  I wanted to mess around a bit painting, try something different.  I went with a blue wash as a base coat, added a couple of shades of gray, added the detail, hit it with a paynes gray wash and left it at that.  Some of the silver you can see is actually unpainted metal.  Works better IRL than it does in the photo.  :)  Stuck it on to a SW base and its done.  Happy with it, although it will only ever be a display piece, or something for the kids to use in the massive, free form battles they have.

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