Monday, August 1, 2011


OK, I'm new to the world of the airbrushing and still working on perfecting parts of my technique.  I've tried a few vehicles and the whole hairspray/salt thang.  I had a  bunch of Warmachine troops that I'd wanted to get started on having picked them up used and depainted them quite a while ago.  The family was off camping so when I got home from work I set up for an airbrushing session.  Got The Overlords ( playing on my computer and off I went.  3 hours and 5 minutes later I had painted...
12 dreadnought weapons
1 heavy warjack
2 light warjacks
3 Khador Man-o-wars
6 Rangers
6 Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
6 Winterguard
18 Long gunners
3 Stormsmiths
1 Man-hunter
1 Warcaster
1 Widowmaker Marksman
13 bases
OK, none of those are finished, I can't do detail, but these are all primed, base coated and then a highlight coat.  42 troops, 6 jack size things, and 25 bits.  Not bad.
Oh yeah and halfway done on a Spitfire MkVb.
Pretty damn good for a bit over 3 hours.  Would have taken weeks otherwise.

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  1. nice stop handing out your done bases.
    oh and did you say spitfire. what scale?