Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ultramarine the movie!

Has arrived, sweetness.
When I'm to busy to sit and watch it.
Nice thick, heavy box which contains the graphic novel and the movie.  The graphic novel is hard bound but a bit sparse on words.  Not read it yet, just from flicking through the pages.  The movie itself comes as two discs (movie and specials) in a really nice looking metal case.  Great job there.

One issue, its R rated.  Now I expected some violence obviously, but what did they have to do to get an R rated cartoon?  So now I need to watch it before I let the kids even note its existence so I can figure out if its OK for them.  Supposed to take it to the FLGS so a few of us there can watch it.  Also got a friend who wants to organize a manly night of manliness (where you sit and paint and play 40K and drink whiskey.  In a manly manner) around watching it.  But dudes, R rated.  Do they not realize how much of their potential audience that knocks out?

Anyway, expect much posting once I've watched it.

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